StarMax X20 SUPER Software, Tools


StarMax X20 SUPER

High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver


Dvb-s/Dvb-s2 satellite compliant (Mpeg-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264)
SCPC & MCPC Receivable from Ku and C band satellites 
Universal, single, single S & C Band Wideband LNB
Sensitive Tuner with loop – Through
Diseqc1.01.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS) and auto DiSEqC Supported 
Multi satellite search, network search, PID search, Manual search and Multi-TP search 
Output resolution: 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
True full color (32 bits ) on screen display (OSD), QT OSD supported
Strong memory : 
Unicable Supported
Blind Search Supported 
Multi-language menu supported
Multi language audio supported
Multi language DVB subtitle output
7 days Electronic program Guide (EPG) can up to 14 days , and Epg from internet
Teletext Output through VBI and OSD 
Multi picture supported 
You tube, USB wifi and Other network application Supported
External WiFI

Starmax Tools

StarMax X20 SUPER Software V_1.09.18670 13-10-2017

StarMax X20 SUPER Software V_1.09.18368 12-08-2017

StarMax X20 SUPER Software Ver_1.09.18252 15-06-2017

StarMax X20 SUPER Software Ver_1.09.18067 29-04-2017

StarMax X20 SUPER Software Ver_1.09.18012 10-04-2017

StarMax X20 SUPER Software Ver_1.09.17839 23-01-2017


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