Technomate TM 5502 HD CI+ HD


Technomate TM 5502 HD CI+ HD

High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver
Technomate TM 5502 HD CI+ HD Satellite Multimedia Center Receiver Software Loader
Technomate TM 5502 HD CI+ HD Satellite Multimedia Center Receiver Software Loader


  1. Fully MPEG-2, MPEG-4 & H.264 compatible
  2. Complaint of DVB-S & DVB – S2
  3. Output resolution: Full HD 1080 p, 1080i, 720 p, 576 p, 576i & 3D Ready *.
  4. 1 x smartcard reader & 1 x Port (CI) commonInterface
  5. HDMI output
  6. Dolby Digital Plus compatible via the S/PDIF outputoptical
  7. TV 15,000 & Radio channel memory
  8. USB PVR Ready via an external USB device: fastforward/reverse, slow forward/Rewind, Timeshift (PauseLive TV) & record scrambled/Free-To-Air (FTA)channels, play files Mp3 & JPEG Viewer
  9. Save up to 2 channels (on the same transponder) anda file of reading at the same time via the USB port
  10. Download fast Sun software download & list ofchannels via USB 2.0
  11. Software update via internet
  12. Very fast & detailed hardware blind search (powerscan)
  13. 1 x output SCART with support RGB and CVBS
  14. Ethernet port
  15. Super sensitive tuner for signals very weak and weaktransponders
  16. Less than 1 second channel change
  17. PLL modulator type RF (Ch. 21-69) and UHF tuningfunction
  18. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 (USALS) compatible
  19. Indicator of DiSEqC
  20. Enhanced 16 groups of favorite channel list and thesort function
  21. Car Navigation system – select as many satellites youwant to automatically search
  22. Extended EPG EPG and program reservation
  23. Fast & easy to use menu system
  24. Control channel by: Favorites, lock, Skip, move &Delete
  25. Channel sort by: All, Alphabet, transponder & case
  26. Parental password lock, Installation & receiver
  27. Multilingual OSD menu: English, Spanish, Portuguese,French, Dutch, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian,Greek, Czech
  28. Support for multiple audio languages broadcasting
  29. Automatic digital satellite signal detection function
  30. Transponder manual edition
  31. Supports PAL/NTSC systems
  32. Parental control
  33. Last automatic backup function and recall of channel
  34. Various games
  35. Multi-image display
  36. SCPC & MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satelliteLNB supported: universal, unique, single S & Cband broadband LNB
  37. screen formats 4:3 & 16:9
  38. Timer & timer multi-evenement functions
  39. FEC and PID detection and automatic entry of the PIDvalues manual
  40. Pause capture
  41. Loop through the tuner and satellite
  42. Real time clock
  43. Subtitles & OSD and VBI Teletext support
  44. Short circuit LNB on board protection
  45. Software & channel list update via RS – 232 c: PCto STB, STB USB for PC, STB – STB
  46. Consumption power 1W standby option





Apr 2014


USB Upgrade

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