SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Satellite Receiver Software, Tools


SuperBOX PRO HD 9618

High Definition Satellite Receiver
SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Satellite Receiver Software
SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Satellite Receiver Software


HD digital satellite receiver with PVR
H.264 / MPEG-4 HD, SD / DVB-S2, S-Tuner
Powerful compatibility through Embedded Linux OS
Recording and playback via external hard drive (USB 2.0)
Simultaneous recording and time-shift
Simultaneous recording and playback
Record two channels simultaneously on a transponder
EPG an event
Support high-speed scanning
YouTube Service
Support for web browser to view web pages
USB port for MP3 player and JPEG
Ethernet port
HDMI output and video components
Scan the Blind and Multi-Satellite Search
Version control DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS Multi-LNB controlled by
Support EPG (Electronic Program)
True High Definition On-screen display in color
Preferred groups Services
Favorite powerful management service, lock, skip, move and delete
Service Sort alphabetically, Transponder and CAS
Multi-language support (OSD and menu)
Teletext and subtitle support
Maximum 10,000 Services Programmable
Parents / System Lock / Unlock settings
Optical digital audio output (SPDIF)
Scalar up to 1080p SD / HD channels
Support for playback of DivX file
PIP (picture in picture)
A card reader and two common interface slots CA

SuperBOX Loader, Tools, Apps

SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Software Old

Version 2.12.18 15-05-2015

SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 S0ftware Old

Version 2.11.39 13-02-2013

SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Flash Old

Falsh v6 05-03-2014

SuperBOX PRO HD 9618 Software Loader Old

 Ver_1.L6.37 10-12-2015


SuperBOX PRO HD New 9618 Software New

Version 2.12.18 15-05-2015

SuperBOX PRO HD New 9618 S0ftware New

Version 2.11.39 06-02-2013

SuperBOX PRO HD New 9618 Flash New

Falsh v6 Ver_2.00.99 05-03-2014


SuperBOX PRO HD New 9618 Software Loader New

 Ver_1.L7.37 10-12-2015

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