Multimedia 1506, 1507 Receiver How to Fix No Match File Error

1506 No Match File Error Fix form in All Modle Sunplus Receiver. Also, Sunplus 1506G No Match File Error, 1507G No Match File Error, 1506T No Match File Error, 1506F No Match File Error, 1506TV No Match File Error. How To Fix No Match File Error From Computer Step by Step with Images. How to Fix No Math File Error From PC. All About Satellite Receiver How to Update Software. For Latest Update Like our Facebook Page. Download Latest Software 1506T, 1506F, 1506G, 1507G1506TV. You Need to Install Hex Editor on Your PC. To Download Hex Editor Check Link Blow Post Content.


Open Software Version in Receiver and press ” 1502 to open Customer ID.

Take Screen Shoot or Write Custom ID On Paper

Open Software Version

Download and Install HEX EDITOR in PC Download Link at Blow Post Content. And Open Hex Editor Software

Open Hex Editor Software

Open Software in Hex Editor (No Match File Error) You want to update in Receiver

No Match File Error

In Hex Editor on Top Menu Click on Search in this menu click on GoTo. New Box will be open. Look Box setting Select CheckBox ” Hex ” and “ Begin “. In Search, Box Write Value “01A000” then Click on OK Button.

Value "01A000

If you did not find Customer ID then inter another Value (3fff6)

This well Go on Customer ID. Check Customer ID In Red Selection.

Check Customer ID

Now Check Defrance Between Receiver Customer ID Customer ID. In Receiver Custom ID Value at 55 Defrance Then Software Custom ID at 30.

Defrance Between Receiver

Now Change Value with the Receiver Customer ID You Wrote Or Screen Shot on First Step.

Replace and write Value 30 on Value 55. Then click Save.

This is Example you Change Value to Match With Your Receiver Customer ID

Change Value to Match

Copy Software To USB and Update Receiver with this Software. Now No Match File Error is Fixed.

Software To USB and UpdateAfter Updating the Receiver will be Reboot and Software Upgrade Successfully.

After Updating the Receiver

Important Note: 1506G, 1506T, 1506F, 156TV, 1507, are Deferent with each other and these Models in 4m and 8m are Deferent. So upgrade the Same Software in the Same Model.

But SCB, SCR, SOG etc these are Menu Version like 1506G scb1, scb2 scr1 etc are same. No problem to Upgrade with any Menu Version.

How To Fix No Match File Error with Mobile.

Download Multimedia Receiver Software


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