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GigaBlue IP BOX

High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver
GigaBlue IP BOX
GigaBlue IP BOX

IP Giga Blue Box – multiroom system Linux
Giga have a blue box in the house and I would like to use the full function of a device Giga Blue in another room; Without further antenna connection and as cheaply as possible? With Giga Blue IP box that can get quite comfortable. Receives signals via streaming from other devices that blue Giga on domestic network communicates. In addition to full-fledged television, IP Box offers all the advantages of the Linux machine. With a 751MHz processor performance, memory of 512 MB and 256 MB of flash memory of all the plugins (extensions) can be fully or media player functions used are enjoyed by the USB port.

The new edition model Giga Blue IPBOX offers all services needed for a smooth and qualitative IPTV, multi-room and enjoy multimedia system.
IP Box is connected between interpersonal and external components and the internal network. Is included in the LAN or WLAN by RJ45

Easy installation and configuration through the software provided Enigma2 Linux
Simple compilation of the configurations of network devices
Secure wireless connection using the specific device pairing
App available for operation via smartphone (iOS / Android)

Main Features

Fast processor with 512MB DDR3 RAM
1 x USB
1 x HDMI
ethernet (RJ-45/100Mbps)

How to Flash GigaBlue IP BOX


GigaBlue IP BOX Boot Loader


GigaBlue IP BOX Image 5.4

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