Plaza HD-T2 Freeview HD Receiver Software, Tools


Plaza HD-T2 Freeview HD
Satellite Receiver Software

Plaza HD-T2 Freeview HD
Plaza HD-T2 Freeview HD


Applications BBC and YouTube
Compatible with live television VuTV premium (subscription required)
On-Screen Program Guide 8 day
Configuring a touch of reminders
Up to 5 favorite lists
Interactive TV and Digital Text
Parental control
Extremely low power consumption, less than 1 / 2W in standby mode
Subtitles and audio description
Last channel recall
Timer, Auto Turn On and Auto Off functionality
Dolby Digital Plus
Supported resolutions: 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Easy to use remote control
User Guide and Quick Start Guide
HDMI Cable
Dimensions: W210mm, D147mm, H49mm
Weight: 550g

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