Vu+ Uno 4K Satellite Receiver Software, Images , Tools, Apps


VU + Uno 4K Linux UHD Set-top-box

Vu+ Uno 4K Satellite Receiver Software, Images , Tools, Apps
Vu+ Uno 4K Satellite Receiver Software, Images , Tools, Apps
Vu+ Uno 4K Satellite Receiver Software, Images , Tools, Apps

VU + Uno 4K Linux UHD Set-top-box

Digital satellite receiver for UHD and HD TV and radio programs. The heart of the VU + Uno 4K is the 2x 1,700 MHz ARM DualCore processor. Experience UltraHighDefinition (UHD) TV with the VU + Uno 4K Set-Top-Box.

What is a DVB-S2 FBC Twin Tuner? 

A DVB-S2 FBC Twin Tuner has 8 demodulators. For two conventional (eg Twin-LNB) sat-lines, the tuner is comparable to 2 conventional and 6 additional tuners that operate in the loop-through mode. This allows you to view, stream, or record stations from 8 different transponders from two different satellites simultaneously. In SCR mode (Unicable) with 8 frequencies, this corresponds to 8 conventional tuners.

What is a DVB-C FBC Tuner? 

A DVB-C FBC tuner has 8 demodulators. This corresponds to a receiver with 8 conventional DVB-C tuners. You can view, stream, or record 8 stations at the same time.


Very fast switching times
WebKit Browser
HD transcoding
HDMI 2.0 output
Gigabit LAN
1x tuner slot for eg DVB-S2 / DVB-C full-band capture (FBC) tuner
USB 3.0
ARM CPU (2x 1,700 MHz)
eMMC flash memory
HVEC / H.265 video decoding
External 12 V power supply
Technical Highlights
Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000 MBit / s)
1x DVB common interface slot
1x Smartcard Reader (Xcrypt)
1x USB 3.0 (page)
1x USB 3.0 (Rear)
S / PDIF Audio output optical (digital)
1x HDMI 2.0 video / audio output (digital)
unlimited channel list for TV and radio
EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support
Supports bouquet lists (favorite lists)
OSD in many languages
Appearance of the user interface variedly customizable (skin support)
Extensible with many free plugins (apps)
automatic / manual channel search
DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2, USALS
SCR / CSS (EN50494 & EN50607)
External 12 Volt power supply
power switch
RS232 service interface
free apps for iOS and Android
video decoding
Video compression HVEC / H.265, MPEG-2 / H.264 and MPEG-1 compatible
Video standard PAL G / 25 Hz, NTSC
Aspect ratio 4: 3/16: 9
Letterbox for 4: 3 TV sets
Output Digital
Sampling frequencies 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
S / PDIF output optical (AC3)
Audio encoding:
Audio Compression MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Layer I and II, MP3
Audio Mode Dual (main / sub), Stereo
Sampling frequencies 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz
<13W (in operation, with LNB)
<12W (in operation, without LNB)
<0.5W (deep standby mode)
External power supply
Input: 110 – 240V AC / 50 – 60Hz / 1.0A
Output: 12V = / 3.0A
Ambient temperature + 15 ° C … + 35 ° C
Relative humidity <80%
Dimensions (W x D x H): 230 mm x 175 mm x 50 mm
Weight: 0.75 kg
1x VU + Uno 4K UHD Receiver
1x remote control
1x Quickmanual (German / English)
1x external IR receiver
1x HDMI cable
2x batteries (AAA)
1x power supply (110-240V / 12V)
* DVB-C FBC tuners are only supported in tuner slot A.

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 23-05-2017


Vu+ Uno 4K New Images

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 07-9-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 06-9-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 05-9-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 31-08-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 22-08-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 21-08-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 27-07-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 25-07-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 30-06-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 29-06-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 22-06-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 14-06-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 09-06-2017 (3.0)

Vu+ Uno 4K Image 08-06-2017 (3.0)

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