OpenBox S2 HD Satellite Receiver Software


OpenBox S2
High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

OpenBox S2 HD  Satellite Receiver Software


Modern processor 400MHz – MIPS (Dual core)
Compatible Broadcasting standards DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG2 / MPEG4 HDTV
Time-Shift mode, activated automatically
Stable operation of all functions PVR
The presence of two USB 2.0 host-ports for different devices
Supports multiple drives using a USB-Hub
Compatible with file systems FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS
Playing movies in AVI, MKV
View JPEG photos and MP3 music player
Built-in file manager
HDMI digital output with support for up to 1080p
Mode “Dual display” – simultaneously display different quality on HDMI and analog outputs
Built-in Ethernet port
Full-color graphical menu user (interface)
Fast and easy software update, Transfer via USB drive (without a computer)
Maximum ease and convenience
Full and high-quality localization market CH
LNB In – input signal from the antenna
LNB out – output for connection of another receiver
SCART TV – analog outputs
RS232 – serial port
DV OUT – digital output video and audio
SPDIF – audio optical out
LAN – Ethernet network
USB – connect different drives
Power switch

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OpenBox S2 HD Software

Ver_61fac 07-03-2014

OpenBox S2 HD Software

Ver_5400F 26-12-2013

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