Strong SRT 4950H Satellite Receiver Software


Strong SRT 4950H
High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Strong SRT 4950H HD Satellite Receiver Software


Recording, Time Shift and Playback via USB External Mass Data Storage Device Features
I + 1080p / 720p / 576p resolution video + i
USB 2.0 hosts (2) Wi-Fi adapter, USB-to-LAN Converter, 3G modem, record content, Multimedia Play-Out and Software Update
Card reader built MultiCAS
8000 programmable channels
DVB-S2 / S, MPEG-4/2 compatible with H.264
HDMI output
21-69 UHF RF Modulator output
Advanced Search Ciega
Automatic and manual channel search
Dolby Digital Output Electrical
8 groups of favorite channels
OSD in 12 languages
Multi Picture Display and Zoom
16: 9 full screen, 4: 3 Letterbox and fullscreen
DiSEqC 1.2 and USALSCompatible
video monitoring
Electronic Program Guide

Strong SRT 4950H HD Broucher

Strong SRT 4950H HD HD Software 

V_3.32 NewGui

Strong SRT 4950H HD HD Software 

CDCAS Multi TV V_3.34 24-08-2015 NewGui

Strong SRT 4950H HD HD Software 

V_3.40 09-12-2015 NewGui

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