Strong SRT 4930L Satellite Receiver Software


Strong SRT 4930L
High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Strong SRT 4930L Satellite Receiver Software


Video Resolution: 1080i / p, 720p, 576i / p
DVR-Ready via USB External Mass Storage Device Data
Time Shift, Record and Playback
USB 2.0 Host for MPEG, MP3 and MP4 afspelen, JPEG Viewing and Firmware Update
-Poort Ethernet (RJ-45) and WI-FI (USB dongle) for software-updates
EmbeddedCONAX CAS7 (2 aansluitingen)
10,000 programmeerbare Kanalen
DVB-S2 / S, MPEG-4/2 compatible with H.264
Video Component: Y, Pb Pr uitgangen
Dolby Digital Output Electrical
Functietoetsen Programmeerbare: F1-F4 and 0-9
16: 9 full screen, 4: 3 Letterbox and fullscreen
Geavanceerde Ciega
Auto & Handmatig Kanalen | zoeken
Electronic Program Guide
16 kanaal favoriete Groepen
Automatic Voltage (AC 100-250V ~) SMPS

Strong SRT 4930L Broucher

Strong SRT 4930L Software 

V_1.43 20-08-2015


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