Pramex DVB-1200 Receiver New Software


Support for DVB-S-S2 frequencies of three-dimensional channels
Supports channels with mpeg-ii / mpeg-iv / h.264 playback
Support for cband / kubandanongoid
Support for DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 usals
Blind Search feature
Ability to save 8000 channels
Dolby sound support
Time Shift
Has a USB port
Has an HDMI output
Output AV
The panel is legible in green
Automatic update of new channel names
Multi-satellite simultaneous search
Multiple Transponder Search (Frequency)
Full Persian Language Support
Ability to display subtitle Persian
Can not change color and subtitle
Ability to edit and move channels in Effects and custom lists
Ability to upgrade via USB
The ability to upgrade via the web server by the device itself
Has an RS232 port
Farsi teletext support
COAXIAL output capability, Support for old and new USB WiFi types
Has 8 urgent categories for favorite channels and the ability to add new categories
Has two remote controls
Ability to work with a variety of remote control small and large Media Starr
Beautiful, comfortable, functional and user-friendly menu
Support for all types of external hard drives
Ability to simultaneously record two channels (frequency)
Has a very powerful media player, with support for and playback of many audio formats, Video like: MKV – AVI – FLV – DivX – MP4 – 3Gp – Mp3, …
Perfect picture quality Full HD 1080P
Multi-image capability
Ability to download softcore and application from dedicated FTP server
Ability to set the clock manually and automatically
Recording timer
Sleep timer
E-program guide 7 days
Supports Sicecm and ActioCud
Supports all types of protocols
Excellent and excellent software support
Has 6 Months of Powerful Global Internet Sharing


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