Alma S2200 Software Download


Alma S2200
Full HD Digital Satellite Receiver 

Alma S2200 Software Download


Full HD digital satellite receiver
Conax Integrated card reader
Ethernet connection and WiFi support
Weather forecast and RSS reader functions
DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 and compatible with USALS
Dolby Digital BitStream via S / PDIF and HDMI
YouTube Support
Recording Channels to External Storage Devices
TimeShift Support
MKV, AVI, MPG, MOV, MP3 playback support
4-digit LED display (7 segments)
Powerful channel management tools (Block, Edit, Move, Skip, Delete)
My Favorites
Easy-to-use on-screen display (OSD)
Multilingual Support
Subtitle support (DVB / TXT)
Software update support via USB and RS232
<1W Power consumption in standby mode

Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.20B2 mcas


Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.20B2 emu

Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.22B1 emu

Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.22B1 mcas

Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.27B1 mcas

Alma S2200 Software Ver_1.20B6 emu

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