Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR Satellite Receiver Software Loader


Dreambox DM-8000 HD

High Definition Digital Satellite Linux Support Receiver
Dreambox DM-8000 HD PVR Satellite Receiver Software Loader
Dreambox DM-8000 HD PVR Satellite Receiver Software Loader

Code Book


This is the HD PVR. As the DM-7025, it supports pluggable tuner modules. In addition to high definition, an upgrade for a DVD player (slot). And features a USB 2.0. Physically, the box has a DVI port, but with a DVI to HDMI on the condition that you get HDMI video.

Originally scheduled to become available in early 2007, the release date was pushed back. The product then began shipping the 12.12.2008. The planned features are also changed. Originally this model was believed 128 MiB RAM (now 256), 32 MiB flash (now 256 million) and a 300 MHz processor (400 MHz Broadcom now 7400). [9] Other Linux based HD receivers are in the meantime available.

In June 2012 Dream Multimedia has announced the verdict of the DM 8000 HD PVR because some electronic components are no longer available. [10] It was also announced that no direct successor will be developed on the basis of Dream Multimedia is already working on the “Goliath Project.”

Price US $400

Firmewar Version 3.2.24 Date 04.11.2012

Firmewar Version 3.1.0 Date 23.03.2011


Universal DreamUP Version 
For All DreamBox Models

DreamUP Version 


User Manual English

User Manual Turkish

Complete Info for open Housing Methode with
Image PDF 

DVD Burning Method With Images PDF 

RMA Online Service How to Use PDF

How TO Use Verification System 


With DreamUp How to Flash in DreamBox DM8000 HD PVR Upgrade Firmware Method Step By Step With Images Just Click

Flashing, Upgrade Firmware with Browser Just Click

How to make manual ip in Loader Dreambox DM-8000 Just Click

Main Features

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