Envision Mini FTA Super Software


Envision Mini FTA Super

Mini FTA Super Feature:

  1. Fully DVB-S & MPEG-2 complaint
  2. 2500 Channels memory space
  3. SCPC &  MCPC
    receivable from C/KU band satellites
  4. 256 colors on screen display (OSD)
  5. PAL-NTSC auto-conversion system
  6. DASIqC 1.0/1.02
  7. 7-language OSD
  8. Multi- audio reception
  9. TV and Radio programs auto-language separated list
  10. High-Speed searchin program
  11. Signal level & quality indicator
  12. Software upgrade via RS-232 serial port
  13. Standby with lowconsumption
  14. Channels can be edited and deleted separately
  15. PID entry
  16. Picture in graphics(PIG) support(9pic)
  17. 9pic
  18. NIT search
  19. Auto function

Receiver Software (Biss Ok)

Envision Mini FTA Super Dongle Software

Envision Mini FTA Super Latest Software 

Download (18-07-2013)

Envision Mini FTA Super Old Software

Download (11-04-2013)

Download (06-03-2013)

Download (13-02-2013)

Download (31-01-2013)

Download (26-12-2012)

Download (22-12-2012)

Download (19-12-2012)

Download (15-12-2012)

Download (14-11-2012)

Download (31-10-2012)

Download (03-10-2012)

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