Homecast HS2100 CI USB


Homecast HS2100 CI USB

High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver
Homecast HS2100 CIUSB


DivX® formats possible
Receiver 1080p FullHD
Energy saving mode to standby
Installation Guide for easy initial operation of the receiver
One of the main channel list and 8 individually editable lists of favorites
Interface integrated common interface (CI) for the use of pay TV modules
Function-PVR ready
Easy on-screen menu in 19 languages
Disec 1.0 (multiswitch), DiSEqC 1.2 / USALS (rotary engine systems) and Unicablesteuerung EN50494 (cable system)
Connections: HDMI1.3, YPbPr, Audio / Video, 3x RCA SPDIF
OSD HD in real time with OS21 operating system for quick change
Cutting off power to the entire network of receiver
Optical digital output (AC3) digital sound systems and surround sound decoder
Digital HDTV Receiver Satellite HDTV, resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p and 576i (PAL scaling for transmissions)
4 digit seven segment LED display
5,000 memory for TV
and radio
Simple software update via OTA or via USB 2.0 [Type A]
Variable Aspect Ratio 4: 3, 4: 3 letterbox or 16: 9
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for a program of up to 7 days
Recording timer for 50 events, easy to program using EPG EPG zu programmieren

Homecast HS9000 CIPVR User Manual


Homecast HS9000 CIPVR Firmeare

Ver_1.10.9A Model ID 8020015000  16-05-5012


Homecast Sky Channel Note 16-09-2009

deposited information about Sky sub channels

Homecast Edit 

Ver_1.21  27-03-2009

HC-Edit Editor v.1.21 is a list of channels to the satellite receiver allows you to create your channel list of the receiver and manage your PC.
Note: An RS-232 cable connection for HC editor software is required.

Homecast Catalog 2011  11-05-2011

Here you will find the current product catalog for 2011,
Note: This document is a PDF Filée. These can be opened with the free “Adobe Acrobat Reader”.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, then follow this link Adobe Acrobat

Homecast Light or HD DVR Studio 19-03-2010

In collaboration with our partner Haenlein software specifically drew the whole light DVR-Studio (a full version exclusive) is available. With DVR-Studio you can edit your recorded programs on the PC.
With DVR-Studio HD can edit your recorded programs on the PC.
With this program you can generate corresponding data formats and apply for direct PC playback or to create a DVD.

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