Freesat v8 super Receiver Bacup Channel List, Dump Flash


How to Make Freesat v8 super backup the channel list

How to Update Channel List Freesat v8 super 

Open Meneu Select Tools go on USB Dump & Press Ok

Dump Mode Select All Code or User DB Default Name is V8 Super_XXXXXX.bin XXXXXX is Currant Date


Select Old File to Repalce with Dump
Press Ok On Yes

USB Dump will start now

How To Update Channel Freesat v8 super

Press menu go on Tools & Select USB Upgrade


In Upgrade Mode Select User DB an System Deat Select Software from USB Press Ok on Start

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How To  UpGrade Software

How To Backup softcam.key

Download Latest Freesat v8 super Reseiver Software

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