Humax F1-Mini Satellite Receiver Software, Tools

Humax F1-Mini
 High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Humax F1-Mini Software

Humax F1-Mini Software


Lighter and thinner.
Do not look at it small, you can enjoy high-end TV experience.
High Definition (HD) is a must for the eyes. Compared to the standard definition, HD provides more vivid detail, the level of more precise, more realistic color and contrast, more accurate contours.
The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) offers you all the details of the broadcast TV program on the screen for the next seven days. (Content depends on each program provider)
Simply connect the HDMI cable (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) to any HD source and enjoy every picture and sound optimization.
Receive all digital TV and free broadcast.
Access to all channels for free
Receive HD channels and SD channels.
Do not worry about your satellite connection. The receiver automatically detects the satellite and uses the HUMAX engine to search faster.
You can easily update your receiver. The new version can be updated via the Satellite Automatic Software Update Service (OTA).
Warranty 1 year service
Languages: English, Arabic, Persian and French

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    Humax F1-Mini Software

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