Openbox S6 Pro+ HD Satellite Receiver Software, Tools


Openbox S6 Pro Plus HD
High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Openbox S6 Pro+ HD Satellite Receiver Software
Openbox S6 Pro+ HD Satellite Receiver Software


Simultaneous recording three channels as HDTV
Time-Shift mode, activated automatically
Stable operation of all functions PVR
Output video quality up to 1080 inclusive
Advanced Mode “Picture in Picture” (PIP)
Supports multiple USB drives
Playing movies in DivX (XviD)
View JPEG photos in high resolution up to 1080p
Convenient MP3 music player
The “blind search” transponders
Maximum simplicity of the user menu
Automatic software updates over the Internet
On YouTube
Web-browser – to view Internet sites on your TV
Compatible with USB keyboard and mouse
Support for USB-WiFi module (dongle) to connect to wireless networks
Ability to install additional plug-ins (Add-ons)
Support for IPTV services including KartinaTV
Remote control of excellent quality (universal remote, the model S6pro +)
Full localization and quality for the CIS market

Dear owners and users of OPENBOX receivers! The use of alternative software is carried out at your own risk and risk, under your personal responsibility. The site administration is not responsible for the failure of your receivers due to the use of alternative software. Obligations for warranty repair can also be canceled. 

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Software

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Firmware FAC NCIP Ver_2.12.18 15-05-2015 Download
with support for CI +. 
Before installing the firmware, update the bootloader to a version no lower than L7.37.

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Firmware FAC NN Ver_2.12.18 15-05-2015 Download
without CI +.
– Fixed bugs when viewing YouTube. 

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Update Loader

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Update Laoder Ver_L7.37 Download
The order of the update. 
USB flash drive formatted computer in FAT32. 
Copy the bootloader file to the USB flash drive. The file extension must be .ird. 
Turn off the power of the receiver with the switch on the rear panel, or pull the plug from the outlet, where it is not. 
Connect the USB flash drive to the receiver.
Press and hold the CHANNEL UP button and at the same time give power to the receiver. 
When the SCAN message appears on the display, release the button. 
After the COMPLETE message appears on the display, the bootloader update is completed. 
Restart the receiver by removing / powering the power

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Service

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Init Flash Ver_2.00.99 Download
If you apply a service firmware for recovery, then you will not be able to install CUSTOM firmware and plug-ins on your receiver. 

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Enigma 2

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Enigma 2 Download
HDMU_1301_E2_1008g + se + _209_git_4848_nodebug_nolcd_Diff3_ffm_USB – firmware Enigma 2 HDMU. 

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Satellite Download
base of satellites 4w, 4.9e, 9e, 10e, 13e, 19e, 36e, 60e, 75e, 80e.

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD All Biss Key Download

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Custom By Father 3

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Firmware Custom Ver_2.11.07 29-10-2012 Download

added its own update server;
The number of supported 3G modems has been increased; 
built-in plug-ins WebZeal, 4Color +, Transmission, PHP, Udpxy, WebServer Mongoose. 
OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Firmware Custom Ver_2.11.34 01-11-2013 Download

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Program file & Utilities

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD wicardd_s – emulator Ver_1.18 Download
(tk ay + tsh vip + bisce)

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Porter New Rus Download
Openbox_new_en is a program for downloading firmware, uploading and downloading the channel database and keys via the 0-modem cable and RS-232 port, the Russified menu, with instructions for use. 
OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Coconut.dat Download
is the key file for the coconut emulator. 

OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Polar Edit Octagon  Download
 program for editing channels, transponders, satellites.
OPENBOX S6 Pro + HD Plugin Ver_1.30 Download
plugin 4color + v1.30.

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