OpenBox S7 HD PVR Satellite Receiver Software


OpenBox S7 HD PVR

High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

OpenBox S7 HD PVR Satellite Receiver Software


With two independent tuners DVB-S2 (S5 model one tuner)
Powerful STi7101 decoder for MPEG4 / MPEG2, HD / SD
Simultaneous recording of two channels of HDTV
Time-Shift mode is automatically activated
Stable operation of all functions PVR
Advanced Mode “picture in picture” (PIP)
Support for up to three drives for S7 and S8 models (2 x USB, 1 x SATA)
The presence of 2 x CI interface
Playing movies in DivX (XviD)
View JPEG photos in high resolution up to 1080i
Convenient MP3 player
Separate component output 3 x RCA (PbPr)
The “blind search” transponders
Maximum simplicity of the user menu
Remote control of excellent quality (universal remote for S7 and S8 models)
Gorgeous matrix LED on the front panel (VFD) Cyrillic
Complete localization and quality for the CIS market

1.Copy link address & put in your Download Manager 
Copy Link address & in New Tab past & go

2.Put User name & Password in Your Downloader

User Name.      sat
Password.     files

OpenBox S7 HD Change Loader 

Ver_L1.52 21-01-2011

OpenBox S7 HD Flash

Ver_3  21-01-2011

To Clean Up Memory Replacement Loader

OpenBox S7 HD Loader Update

Ver_L1.54 09-07-2011

must be installed before upgrading to firmware version 1.9.20 

or newer

OpenBox S7 HD Software

 Ver_1.11.18  19-11-2012

OpenBox S7 HD Software 

Ver_1.11.57  28-05-2013

OpenBox S7 HD Software

 Ver_1.11.71  04-10-2013

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