OpenBox SX6 HD Satellite Receiver Software


OpenBox SX6High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

OpenBox SX6 HD Satellite Receiver Software
OpenBox SX6 HD Satellite Receiver Software


Latest chipset company STMicroelectronics STiH237
Receiving a broadcast packet format Multistream
Modern DDR3 memory large volume
Support CI + (that is guaranteed to work with modules NTV-Plus and Tricolor TV)
Internal menu with HD resolution
Advanced Mode “Picture in Picture” (PIP)
The “blind search” transponders
Support for USB-WiFi module (dongle) to connect to wireless networks
Compatible with 3G modems
Playing movies in DivX (XviD)
View JPEG photos in high resolution up to 1080p
Convenient MP3 music player
Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV)
DLNA for sharing multimedia content online
Support for various network protocols and NAS storage devices
Streaming video (strimming) and remote control AirTivi + (for iOS and other devices)
Torrent Player
VOD services Free TV + (video on demand)
Online broadcasting TV Portal +
Services Internet Radio and Prognosis
Reading news into RSS, Google Maps and Facebook
Kartina TV – receiving Russian channels without the antenna anywhere in the world
Web-browser with advanced options
Ability to install additional programs (plug-ins)
Automatic software updates over the Internet
Full localization and quality for the CIS market

OpenBox SX6 HD Firmware

FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.87 10-08-2017
The work of the IPTV player has been fixed (we are trying the work based on IPTV +: plug-ins “My Home”, “New TV”, etc. 
Fixed bugs that occurred with simultaneous work CAM CI + and Conax cards through MCAS 
General optimization of software
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.75 06-02-2017
Added support for searching channels with 16APSK modulation 
Added support for M3U format in IPTV + 
Fixed algorithm for the add-on of INTERNET TV + with some types of URL streams 
Fixed algorithm for playback of recorded files 
Fixed bug audio (loss of sound) when using XML EPG 
Fixed playback error QURANIC Audio 
Fixed a bug in playing recorded files larger than 4 GB
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.60 20-09-2016
The work of Youtube add-on has been restored. Now to restore the work of this addon it will be enough to reinstall the addon itself – there is no need to change the software !! 
Added the ability to install from the server and remove the addons in the IPTV + menu. 
(I remind you that the quick entry to the IPTV section is done by clicking the “bird” button on the remote control) 
The old Youtube add-on is removed from the software and the Media menu. 
Restored and optimized work xml EPG. 
Changes in the algorithm of CI + operation for the work of TAM Tricolor TV with software version 1.2.0 
Correction of initialization algorithm CI + CAM Tricolor TV
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.50 04-08-2016
Fixed the work of YOUTUBE
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.40 17-06-2016
Fixed the work of YOUTUBE
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.31 11-04-2016
Added a password before formatting the drive. 
Fixed a number of problems with 3G modems. 
Updated languages: Belarusian, Uzbek.
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.28 21-03-2016
Added function to enable / disable support for CI + using a special cipe plug … 
Bugfix operation of the receiver with CAM CI +.
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NCIP.Ver_3.02.25 03-02-2016
added the ability to manually edit Power Vu keys on the new version of Mcas. 
the number of tunable channels has been increased to 10,000 (7000 TV and 3000 Radio) 
The function CI + on / off 
is fixed – the IPTV function is now in the main menu
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.HbbTVCIP.Ver_3.02.20 18-12-2015
Bugs fixed for software protection. 
Bugfix operation of the receiver with CAM CI + (keys added)
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.HbbTVCIP.Ver_3.02.17 03-11-2015
support for CI +; 
changed the address of the XML-EPG server by default and added the possibility of manual editing
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NN.Ver_3.02.17 03-11-2015
without the support of CI +; 
changed the address of the XML-EPG server by default and added the possibility of manual editing
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.HbbTVCIP.Ver_3.02.06 27-05-2015
there is support for CI +; 
added the ability to play YouTube at low Internet speed; 
playback of mkv video files after temporary “jumps” forward or backward is stabilized; 
increased to 400 list of Internet TV channels; 
Fixed selection of audio and subtitles during playback
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NN.Ver_3.02.06 27-05-2015
there is no CI + support
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.HbbTVCIP.Ver3.02.04 12-05-2015
support for CI +; 
Fixed the work of YouTube
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.NN.Ver_3.02.04 12-05-2015
fixed the work of YouTube
FAC.OPENBOX.SX6.CIP.Ver_3.01.44 27-12-2015
support for CI +; 
there are no restrictions on the playback of files on the receiver and computer, which were decoded and recorded using the CI + module

OpenBox SX6 HD Service firmware


OpenBox SX6 HD Emulators and plugins

OpenBox SX6 HD cipe
plug-in cipe
OpenBox SX6 HD wicardd_sx
emulator v1.18 (mk ay + msh vip + bisce)
OpenBox SX6 HD moidomtv_v20
plug-in IPTV, for firmware v3.01.98 and higher
OpenBox SX6 HD dailymotion_v20
plug-in IPTV, for firmware v3.01.98 and higher
OpenBox SX6 HD aparat_v20
plug-in IPTV, for firmware v3.01.98 and higher
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