Star Track SRT-750 Plus HD Satellite Receiver Software Loader


Star Track SRT-750 Plus

Satellite Receiver Software Download For Biss Key and other key option. Twin protocole SSP and other Sharing tools
Star Track SRT-750 HD Plus Satellite Receiver Software Loader


1. MPEG2 SD , MPEG2 HD, H.264/AVC SD , H.264/AVC HD
2. embedded Conax
3. SCPC and MCPC receivable from C / Ku – band satellit
4. Automatic PAL / NTSC conversion
5 . 4000 channels TV and Radio programmable
6. 32 different favorite groups selection
7. Multi – language OSD
8. Fully support to 7 days Electronic Program Guide ( EPG )
9. Picture in Graphics ( PIG ) support
10. True color On Screen Display
11. Automatic network search for newly added transponders
12. DiSEqC 1.2 fully support , 13/18V , 0/22K , LNB control
Various channel editing functions ( favorite, moving, locking , renaming, deleting and sorting)
13. Parental control for channels
14. Easy to use menu system
15. Software upgrades through RS232 port and receiver to receiver , Support USB upgrade
16. 8 Timer Reservations , automatically switch to specific channel
17. Subtitle support DVB EN300743 and EBU
18. Teletext support DVB ETS300472 by VBI and OSD
19. Automatic save for last channel
20. Channel list can be sorted by alphabetic AZ , Scramble , Favorite , Lock , Sat
21 . Dual display HD and SD simultaneous
22. support FAT16/FAT32/FAT12
23. Only list JPEG / BMP files
24. 480i / p , 576i / p , 720p , 1080i , 1080p with HDCP copy protection
25 . Games
26. 1 shot, it still may timeshifting

USB Upgrad

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