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With a maximum resolution of up to 720p / 1080i the Combo Receiver HD 8000CS delivers outstanding image quality on your flat-screen TV. The unit can receive signals from the cable network and via satellite. Further, the HD 8000CS is prepared for the installation of a hard disk, which allows in addition to the recording function is also time-shifted television (Timeshift). The HD + programs can by retrofitting the Legacy CI module incl. Smartcard also be received!


Picture quality

The HD 8000CS is equipped with a cable HD tuner and a satellite HD tuner. High definition television allows a much higher resolution than we have known PAL television format, thus a considerably sharper television picture. At the transmitter end which are not broadcast in HDTV signals, the HD 8000CS is able to scale this high. In order for the best possible TV image is guaranteed at all times.
Recording and storage media
The recording is in digital form either a separately be incorporated hard drive (recommended: Seagate HDD Pipeline HD 3.5 “Datasheet PipelineHD) or an external hard drive which can be connected via one of the two USB connectors The recording in digital format is lossless and. the HD 8000CS can be played any number of times. Also a copy of the recording of an internal hard drive to an external hard disk, or vice versa is possible. If a storage medium is connected, apply the so-called TRP format to store the movies on the hard disk. This can HD2 software from Haenlein be converted to other formats, if necessary, by means of the DVR-Studio is available separately.

Combo Tuner

The HD 8000CS has an HD cable tuner and also has an HD TV tuner. Thus, you can also receive parallel to the satellite TV available in your cable network HD channels.


The shift function allows you to time-shifted seeing broadcasts of any kind. The program can be stopped via the pause button and continue at a later date. To use the time shift feature a hard disk or a USB flash drive must be connected!
USB interfaces
The HD 8000CS has three USB ports. The first is located within easy reach behind the flap on the front panel and is thus ideally suited for installing software updates to install quickly. Also, here a hard drive for recording or a USB flash drive to play MP3 music files displayed are closed. Two more USB ports are located on the rear panel.


By pressing a button you can reach the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). In EPG provides an overview of current programs as well as a preview for the next seven days. For details on the contents of the respective programs are also available at EPG available. Do you have a matching program is found, this can be programmed in a few steps easy as recording.
When the program in the standard format (SD – not HD) you can use in the HD 8000CS the picture in picture function, also called PIP. Here, a small image is also displayed on a television program.


Next provides the VANTAGE HD 8000TS an alphanumeric display, which does not show you in the front panel, the program number but the complete station names (13 digits).
CI module and HD + reception
For the reception of pay-TV channels, two Conax card reader and two assignable CI interfaces available in the HD 8000CS. To receive channels of the provider HD + You need the latest firmware VANTAGE (version 2.68 (available for free in the VANTAGE Download Center)) and the Legacy CI module incl. Smartcard. This can be purchased in HD + Online Shop: HD + Online Shop.

Stations and Network Search:

During initial installation of the HD 8000CS you can choose between three different pre-programmed channel lists. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland, these lists are already stored on the device. For the channel scan the HD 8000CS used on request to the blind scan mode. This will not be as usual scans the pre-programmed channel list during the search, but it is the whole frequency range scanned for channels. The decisive advantage here: There are found all the stations that are on the satellite available!

Connection to PC

You can also transfer your favorite recorded programs to your computer. This allows the USB-B port or the Ethernet interface. Thus, you can also watch recorded programs on a PC or, for example, transferred to DVD and burning. A similar program “DVR-Studio Pro” by Haenlein software is on the supplied CD as 60-day trial here. The current version can be found here. If you already have a PVR of another brand, you can use the special “VANTAGE-import function” of DVR-Studio. This makes it possible to watch all your movies in the future on your VANTAGE HD.
Streaming via network interface:
The VANTAGE HD 8000CS has an Ethernet interface that can be used not only for data transmission, but also to stream receiver to receiver. About a network cable You can connect two VANTAGE receiver Series HD 1100/6000/7100/8000 so interconnect that provides access to the recorded programs on your VANTAGE HD 8000CS with your second device (eg in the bedroom).

VANTAGE HD 8000CS Channel List
 HD series  01-12-2011
VANTAGE HD 8000CS Twin PVR Instructions
Instructions for the Unicable operation  09-11-2010
Manual for streaming English  15-01-2009
Instructions for streaming German  18-12-2008
VANTAGE HD 8000CS Twin Operating instructions
Compatible hard drives HD 8000 15-12-2010
HD 8000 user guide  16-02-2010
HD 1100/6000/7100/8000 English Manual 30-07-2008
VANTAGE HD 8000CS Twin Data Sheets
Specifications HD 8000 CS  23-02-2011

VANTAGE HD 8000CS Twin PVR Firmware

Main firmware 2.83T-O file  02-05-2012
Main firmware 2.81T-O file,  17-10-2011
Main firmware 2.77T-O file  29-06-2011
Main firmware 2.75T-O file,  04-04-2011
Main firmware 2.71T-O (Beta)  30-11-2010
Main firmware 2.69T-O ZIP archive, 10-11-2010
Main firmware 2.68T-O 05-11-2010
Main firmware 2.66T-O  15-10-2010

VANTAGE HD 8000CS Channel list

Channel list Switzerland with 3+ ZIP archive, 26.44 KB from 05.02.2013
Channel list for the HD series ZIP archive, 46.97 KB from 30.04.2012


DVR Studio HD (German) 60-day trial with full functionalities file, 10-08-2009
DVR-Studio HD2 (English) 60 Days VANTAGE trial version!)  03-12-2007
Settings Editor V2.11 for HD 1100 / HD 6000 / HD 7100 / HD 8000   29-04-2009
Channel List Editor 3.1 for HD 1100 / HD 6000 / HD 7100 / HD 8000  24-08-2008
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