VANTAGE VT-1S HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver Downloads

VANTAGE VT-1S HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver Downloads
VANTAGE VT-1S HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver Downloads


You it is not enough to “HDTV” to watch TV? Then the VT-1S is the right partner for you! With a resolution of 1080p (Full-HD standard) VT-1S conjures razor-sharp images on your flat screen TV. The modern look of the aluminum front panel sets modern accents and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of looks. Many exceptional features make this Full-HD receiver into something very special. If the TV does not even fit your needs, so you can connect with the optional WiFi stick VANTAGE VT-1S hybrid to the Internet and use in the libraries of various broadcasters diverse media services. Equip directly program the VT-1S with a hard drive and you can push of a button your recordings. The simple operation of the VT-1 will inspire you!


Highest resolution

The Vantage VT-1S has a “1080p upscaler”. This technology causes also TV signals are broadcast in which not HD quality, can be played at the highest possible image sharpness. This high resolution image was previously applied only to BlueRay data carries.

Memory Cards

The recording is in digital form either on an alternate framework easy to install hard drive in 2.5 “format, an external hard drive which can be connected via one of the two USB ports or SD card. The recording in digital format is lossless and can be played any number of times. Also an issue of the inclusion of an internal hard drive to an external hard disk, or vice versa is possible. The innovative exchange framework, we give you a fast and easy replacement of the hard disk during operation of the Vantage VT-1S.

Full HD Twin Tuner

By two receivers in the Vantage VT-1S it is also possible at the same time take up to two television programs and another to look at. Important: two antenna cables are required for full use of this twin receiver! Only in this way you can watch TV independently record and at the same time.

Timeshift and SD card reader

The shift function allows you to time-shifted seeing broadcasts of any kind. The program can be stopped via the pause button and continue at a later date. At Vantage VT-1S first time we have integrated an SD card reader in the front panel. This card reader can accommodate standard SD cards and are used for particularly power-saving function Timeshift (from 16GB storage capacity Class 6). Here, the operation of the hard drive is also largely spared and reduced the noise again. The SD card reader can the Vantage VT-1S but much more. He can play as image, video and sound files from digital cameras, MP3 players and camcorders. Herewith the Vantage VT-1S is the multimedia interface in your living room.

USB port and network interface

The VT-1S features three USB ports. Two on the back and one on the front of the device. You can connect external hard drives or USB flash drives with photo or MP3 data. To connect to the Internet, use either the Ethernet interface or upgrade to VT-1S with the VANTAGE WLAN USB stick to. This is available as an accessory.

HbbTV connects you to the Internet

This new technology allows hybrid reception via satellite and over the Internet. HbbTV offers many additional multimedia services. So you can call and watch videos or news, for example about the libraries of individual broadcasters. Browse Wikipedia, listen to Internet radio or then look at the missed Tagesschau, when “you” want! The range of functions of the HbbTV is künfitg steadily expanded in the form of new applications from us! Required for HbbTV is use to connect to your Internet box via cable or WiFi VANTAGE stick. The required Linux software is free for you to download!


The electronic program guide of VT-1S gives you an overview of current and upcoming programs. Up to seven days in advance. In addition, the EPG provides information (content information) for each program. The display of the EPG is large and therefore very readable. She fills the screen completely and displayed at the top right of the screen the current program. You can also perform a timer programming from the EPG. Thereby, it is no longer necessary to input the start and stop time of the recording manually.

OLED Display

For the first time offers the VANTAGE VT-1S an absolutely new and innovative display technology. The OLED display of Vantage VT-1S may reflect the station names, as well as the station logo (for this, the logo must be saved to an SD card) represent and of course more information about each data source.

CI interfaces and card readers

The VT-1S has 2 CI interfaces and two additional Conax card reader. With this equipment you can decode and receive pay-TV programs. The two built-in card reader are provided for Conax encryption. In other encryption methods such as Nagravision, Viaccess, Irdeto, Cryptoworks, Mediaguard, etc., a corresponding CI module in the slots be used.

Channel list VT1 Stations and Network Search

Of course, the Vantage VT-1S has a complete pre-programmed German, Austrian and Swiss channel list. However, new channels, the Full HD receiver very quickly to locate on its unique BLIND SCAN. Here, the VT-1S scans the entire frequency range and does not, as usual, back to a pre-programmed list. Also lists stations to fast scan or LCN set collations are created. For the first time the progress of the current program is displayed in the channel list.

Connection to the PC and DLNA

The VT-1S has a network interface which allows you to transport the recordings for editing or archiving on your PC. For further processing of your movies a separate software company Haenlein software is required. A trial version of the DVR-Studio Pro Software can be found here in our download area.

For integration into an existing home network supports the VT-1S DLNA. For further information about DLNA can be found here.

Ready for reception of HD +

The channels of the program provider, you can receive HD + with the VT-1S also. For this you need the software version 2.01 ML-O (or higher).

Deweiteren required for HD + Legacy available CI module incl. The smart card. Both can be in the online shop of HD + purchase.

Please note that the use of the + available also in HD “CI Plus Modul’s” in the VT-1S is not possible.


The Vantage VT-1S provides with its high-performance processor and 450MHZ frequency and a memory of 512MB to also as an equal multimedia player. He is able to play audio files as well as MP3 and WMA in high quality, as well as video files in formats Xvid, Divx, AVI and from the HD area MKV. These are also upscaled up to 1080p Full HD standard. *


The Vantage VT-1S features a HDMI output Version 1.3a. To use the VT-1S as an interface in your multimedia system, it has an additional HDMI input on the back, and a second HDMI input on the front panel. Here he offers fast and comfortable the way a HD camcorder to connect.

Optional accessories

Available separately are an external infrared receiver and another caddy for a hard drive.

Operating Systems

The VT-1S is delivered with the known VANTAGE operating software. To use HbbTV function, the free Linux software update is required. This software is available for you in our Download Center!

* Since it involve container formats, we can not give 100% performance guarantee!

VANTAGE VT-1S Channel Editor

Channel List Editor VT series (1080p series) ZIP archive, 17-06-2011
Channel list VT-1S (Sky Update) ZIP archive, 10-02-2011

VANTAGE VT-1S Firmware

Main firmware 2.28ML-O file  26-02-2014
Main firmware 2:27 ML-O file  24-10-2013
Main firmware 2.25ML-O (Linux) file, 04-11-2012
Main firmware 2.24ML-O (Linux) file, 29-07-2012
Main firmware 2.22ML-O (Linux) file, 23-04-2012
Main firmware 2.20ML-O (Linux) file  05-12-2011
Main firmware 2.18ML-O (Linux) file, 17-10-2011
Main firmware 2.16MO RTOS file,07-07-2011
Main firmware 2.16ML-O (Linux) file, 06-07-2011
Firmware Update 2:11 Linux file,31-03-2011
Firmware Update 2:10 Linux file, 25-03-2011
Main firmware 2.09ML-O Beta3 (Linux) file, 20-03-2011
Main firmware 2.09ML-O Beta2 (Linux) ZIP archive, 14-03-2011
Main firmware 2.09ML-O Beta1 (Linux) ZIP archive, 24-02-2011
Main firmware 2.08ML-O (Linux) ZIP archive, 18-02-2011
Main firmware 2.03ML-O ZIP archive, 06-12-2010
Linux Full Version 2.01ML-O (LegacyCam) ZIP archive,  10-11-2010
Linux Full Version 1.04ML-O (beta version) ZIP archive, 29-10-2010
Main firmware 1.08MO ZIP archive, 15-10-2010
Main firmware 01:07-TO ZIP archive, 23-08-2010
Main firmware 01.06TO Beta4 ZIP archive,10-08-2010

VANTAGE VT-1S Channel lists

Channel list with Sky channels Bundesliga ZIP archive, 30-09-2013
Channel list Switzerland with 3+ ZIP archive, 01-02-2013
Channel list for VT Series ZIP archive, 30-04-2012


DVR Studio HD (German) 60-day trial with full functionalities file, 10-08-2009
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