VANTAGE VT-800S HD+ Software


VANTAGE VT-800S HD+ Digital Satellite Receiver Download

VANTAGE VT-800S HD+ Digital Satellite Receiver Download
VANTAGE VT-800S HD+ Digital Satellite Receiver Download


Much television for little money! With the entry-level receiver VT-800S HD + you can as the name suggests, in addition, the HD programming from HD + received! An activated for one year smart card with the unit already and therefore a viewing experience in high resolution 1080p is no more obstacles. The installation wizard guides even the technology layman easily through the initial setup. On the back is next to the HDMI port on the TV also has a USB port. You can connect an external hard drive and then even record.

Note: The VT-800S HD + has a changed menu structure of a separate software-based. Also have TV recordings are not compatible with the other HD receivers of the VT series.


Picture quality

The VT-800S HD + is equipped with a full-fledged HD tuner. High definition television allows a much higher resolution than we have known PAL television format and a razor-sharp TV picture. At the transmitter end which are not broadcast in HDTV television signals, the VT-800S HD + is able to scale this high. In order for the best possible TV image is guaranteed at all times.
Recording and Timeshift
Of course, can be connected to the VT-800S HD + a hard drive. A USB port allows you to connect to the hard drive or a USB flash drive. Timeshift and recording can be used.

CI Plus

An extension of CI standards named “CI Plus” is selected by an increasing number of broadcasters to encrypt. Here, the smart card, the corresponding CI Plus module is plus. Plugged into the receiver to watch the desired program. The CI Plus module is available directly from specialist retailers or contact your program provider. For more information about using a CI Plus module, contact best right at your program provider. You can read any of these Wikipedia information about the technical properties of CI Plus. The VT-800HD + has a CI Plus interface.

HD + smart card

Since 2009, SES Astra emits various private channels of HDTV-quality. This package bears the name: HD +. The transmitters of HD + are not free but subject to a service fee receivable which at present in about 50 per year is. Therefore, for the decryption of these channels you need the smart card of HD + and can receive a corresponding receiver of this card.
Included with the Vantage VT-800S HD + already heard such a smart card in order to receive the stations + HD. The smart card is activated after activation for 12 months and is not extended automatically. Currently, the following channels are offered by HD +:
RTL HD, RTL2 HD, Sat.1 HD, Kabel 1 HD, ProSieben HD, Sixx HD, Sport 1 HD, N24 HD, Nickelodeon HD, Comedy Central HD and VOX HD.


This is the so-called “Electronic Programme Guide”. Left and right keys on the screen opens an overview of the TV station with the associated program content. You can use an illustrated timescale see when which station is broadcast at what time. In addition, brief summaries are in EPG stored for each program so that a TV magazine is almost superfluous!

VANTAGE HD 7100S Specifications

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