How To Make Manual IP In DreamBox From Loader


How to make manual ip in Loader Dreambox All Models

Manual IP In DreamBox Receiver

If You don,t have a DHCP Server, configured or Ruter No Problem and don,t Instal one.Only you need to connect a serial terminal now
That’s why you need the IP address of your Dreambox gives. Your IP I, asksomeone help please, do not know what to choose. Your computer, your “next” IP address, you can choose any IP address but can not be used by another device theIP is. Another device is used as an example, your computer’s IP address is, and you, use192.168.0.10 said. In this case, only Or whatever. This is the only x> = 1 and <= range 192.168.0.x, I, where 254,.
Hyperterm For example, start your favorite terminal program. Com port 115200 / 8N1 set. “S” Press.
Now you should see the setup menu. It should look like the following screenshot

Press the right arrow. You are now in the network setup menu.
Using “+” or “-” you can use the “Network Type” to see the series “Manual”.
Now you can enter an IP address below. Press F9 to save your settings.
Dreambox close.

Now go back and the procedure again. “DHCP” may not be displayed, instead of the IP you entered

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Make Manual IP In DreamBox 

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