How To Upgrade dream Box with Browser


Flashing DreabBox All Models with Browser

Update DreamBox Receiver with Browser

Image File Youwant To Upgrade in *nif Extension
DHCP Server, configured boot loader, Serial Cable, terminal program
like Hyper Term.
Browser Network Cable< Cros Cable if you want to Coneect Box Directly With PC.
For More Protection Use Second Stage Loader its Not Broken and Present
If You Don,t Have a DHCP Server Then Put IP in Loader Serial Port Setup
Shut Down The Dream Box From Power Switch or Deep Stand By Mode

1-Press and Hold the Front Panel Lower Button
2-Still Hold the Button and power on your Box
3-“*** STOP ***” These Text appear,if other text appear like “/flash”.. this Then you press and hold wrong lower Button.Now Leave the Lower button you hold.The boot loader will gon in Waiting Mode.
4-Above the “*** STOP ***” text, there must be an IP address (four decimal values with a dot in between) appear. If there appears the string “dhcp” instead, the box still looking for a DHCP server. A little wait. If it does not change, does not do anything with the DHCP server. Make sure the network cable is connected, etc.
if it is not workin then set ip Usin Serial Terminal

Open Browser in your PC
1-In Address line enter “http://ip/” where ip must be replaced with the value in the LCD
2-Press Firmware Upgrade Button in the Bottom of page

Now Select Image file you want to Upgrad Only in .nfi Extension Not in img etc
Click the flash button and wait it maybe
Restart your box and new Image willbe apear

Update DreamBox flash with Loader

Make Manual IP In DreamBox 

Upgrade dream Box with Browser


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