Download led firmware free for T.MSD309.B66B LED TV with the latest update. Here you download led software for all models and sizes. Android Apps, Light Flow, NotifyBuddy, player, and others Led Download. If you can’t find your desired software, please get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook page.


Description :

The T.MSD309.B66B serves as a straightforward ATV Driver Motherboard meticulously crafted for LCD/LED TVs. This T_MSD309_B66B board finds its purpose in catering to the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets. Notably, T-MSD309-B66B stands as a distinct Non-Combo Board. The motherboard inherently integrates an ATV Card, alongside pivotal components such as the primary power module and LED Backlight Inverter Circuit. This amalgamation embodies essential features aligned with the latest mandates, encompassing HDMI input, USB interface, PC input, Component Input, TV, and Scart. In a bid to aid technicians, the firmware files for T-MSD309-B66B are thoughtfully provided below.

Key Specifications::
  • Brand/Mark: Universal Board
  • Product Model: T.MSD309.B66B
  • Primary Processor: MSD309
  • Product Type: LED Television
  • LED Backlighting: Not Applicable
  • Flash Memory: 4 Megabits
  • Supported Screen Sizes: 24 to 46 inches
  • Maximum Resolution: Up to 1920 by 1080 pixels
  • Panel Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Power Input: 12 Volts
  • Audio Processing:
  • Tuner System: XDTT
  • Service Identification Code:
  • Source/Input Options:

Important Note: The provided software below is a backup dump, and its writing requires a programming tool. Please be aware that Mr-Dish Team holds no liability for any damages or losses incurred during the firmware upload or download process. It is recommended to thoroughly inspect the mainboard before proceeding with the software installation. For those who are unfamiliar or lack sufficient expertise in loading, or installing software, firmware, or dump files, we strongly advise reading the guidelines provided here beforehand.

How to Update Led software with USB?

Download Software for T.MSD309.B66B LED TV
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