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Description :

Introducing the groundbreaking CV182H-E, a meticulously designed ATV Driver Motherboard engineered specifically for LCD/LED TVs. This extraordinary board is tailored to meet the demands of the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets, offering a remarkable solution for TV enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge technology.

Distinguished as a Non-Combo Board, the CV182H-E presents a unique approach to TV technology. While the main power module and LED Backlight Inverter Circuit module are required separately, the ATV Card is seamlessly integrated into this motherboard, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.

T.RT2025.1B Specifications:
  • Brand/Mark: Universal Board
  • Model: CV182H-E
  • Main Chip:
  • Product: LED TV
  • LED Backlight: mA
  • Flash IC: 4Mb
  • Sound Chip:
  • Tuner: CTD-3SP512-37
  • Screen supported: 32 to 42 inches
  • Resolution: Up to 1920×1080
  • Panel Voltage: 5V, 12V
  • Power Input: 12V DC

The provided Software is a backup Dump, which can be programmed using a popular programming tool. It is important to note that Mr Dish Team holds no responsibility for any potential damage or loss incurred during the process of uploading or downloading the firmware. Prior to installing the software, it is advisable to thoroughly inspect the mainboard. If you are unfamiliar with the loading or installation of software/firmware or dump files, we recommend reading the following instructions to gain sufficient knowledge before proceeding.

How to Update Led software with USB?
Download Software for CV182H-E LED TV Board
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