S10000 Gold WIFI HD PVR Receiver Software, Tools


Iclass S10000 Gold WIFI HD PVR

Digital Satellite Receiver

S10000 Gold WIFI HD PVR


 Ability to withstand
WiFi (wireless Internet)
 Support for 3G modem
 Full support for
audio and video files
 Output (HDMI) version
 Supports all formats
480i_30 / 480p_60 / 576i_25 / 576p_50 / 720p_50 / 720p_60 /
1080i_25 / 1080i_30 / 1080p_50 / 1080p_60
 Full support for 3D
dimensional images
 Recording and
 Time change
 Save with MPG or TS
 Has 2 USB ports
 Ports LAN
 New options for
running multimedia files Movie, ISO, music, photos, ebook
 Digital Audio Output
 Support for multilanguage
Farsi Subtitle and Teletext (VBI and OSD)
 Supports EPG Persian
 New menu style, very
nice and easy to use
 Favorite Channel and
Parent Lock Function
 Upgarde via USB and
RS232 serial port
 Upgrade Internet
 Electronic Program
Guide on the screen. Information channels up to 7 days
 Full support of the
switch, DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 1.2, USALS
 Compatible with IPTV
 Support for VPN
 Support Options
Youtube, RSS, DLNA, Yupoo, Picasa, fliker, Google map, weather and some other
internet options
 Protocols CCcam
Excellent support and Newcam
 Support for a variety
of games
 Support for a
 Smart Card Reader
 One year of free use
shared Satellite

 One year of Internet
Connection Sharing

Iclass S10000 Gold WIFI HD PVR Software


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