Strong SRT 4902 with LAN HD Satellite Receiver Software, Tools


Strong SRT 4902 with LAN
High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Strong SRT 4902 with LAN HD Satellite Receiver Software


Video Resolution: 1080i / p, 720p, 576i / p
DVR-External Ready through USB
Mass Storage Device Data
Time Shift, Record and Playback
USB 2.0 Host voor MPEG, MP3 and MP4, JPEG Viewing and Firmware UpdateEthernet afspelen port (RJ-45) voor software-updates
EmbeddedCONAX CAS7 (2 aansluitingen)
10,000 programmeerbare Kanalen
Common Interface (1 Slot)
DVB-S2 / S, MPEG-4/2 compatible with H.264
Video Component: Y, Pb Pr uitgangen
Dolby Digital Optical / electrical output
16: 9 full screen, 4: 3 Letterbox and fullscreen
VFD display
Geavanceerde Ciega
Auto & Handmatig Kanalen zoeken
Electronic Program Guide
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Strong SRT 4902 with LAN Broucher

Strong SRT 4902 with LAN  Software

V-1.72  10-05-2016

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