Strong SRT 8115 HD Satellite Receiver Software


Strong SRT 8115
High Definition Satellite Receiver

Strong SRT 8115 Satellite Receiver Software
Strong SRT 8115 Satellite Receiver Software


HDTV (1080p) receiver for digital Free-To-Air TV and radio programs
Quick and easy installation and user-friendly menu
USB port: record TV programs, play media files, update software via a USB storage receiver
Dolby Digital Plus
Displaying the channel number or time
1000 memory channels
Excellent picture and sound quality
TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on-screen information of present / following event information up to 7 days
Event Booking directly from the EPG
Teletext, multi-lingual subtitling and audio media
To select the audio language and subtitles
8 favorite lists for TV and radio programs
Parental lock function for menu and control stations
Multilingual support on screen menu (OSD)
Fast zapping
Many channel handling options: locking, modify, move, sort, skip, delete and rename
Power on with last viewed channel
Coaxial digital audio output (S / PDIF) by connecting to a digital amplifier
Automatic and manual channel scan options
2 games (Sudoku and Othello)
Use remote control
USB power control for power saving in standby mode
Auto Standby function of the energy
RF modulator output for connection to (additional) TV
UHF / VHF tuner with loop
5V output antenna connection

Strong SRT 8115 HD Satellite Receiver User Manuals

 Strong SRT 8115 Receiver Software

V_1.1.7  23.07.2014

Strong SRT 8115 Receiver Software

V_1.1.3   11.12.201

Strong SRT 8115 Receiver Software

V_1.1.2   14.11.2013

Strong SRT 8115 Receiver Software

V_1.0.9   10.10.2013

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