Strong SRT 8506 Software, Tools


Strong SRT 8506

High Defenetion Digital Terrestrial Receiver

Strong SRT 8506 Software, Tools

Strong SRT 8506 Software, Tools


HDTV receiver for reception of digital terrestrial programmes in SD and HD via antenna (1)

Suited for reception simpliTV with up to 40 programmes in best quality, e.g. ORF eins HD, ORF 2 HD, ATV HD, Puls 4 HD (2)

USB port for updates of the receiver software

Embedded Cardless Conditional Access System for Irdeto encrypted channels

Quick and easy installation and user-friendly menu

Software update via terrestrial antenna (OTA) and external USB storage device

Supports Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus (3)

400 channels memory capacity

Excellent audio and video quality

Booking of events directly from EPG

32 event timers

Videotext, multi-lingual subtitling and audio track support (4)

3 favourite lists for TV and radio programmes

Parental lock function for menu and rating control for channels

High definition on screen display (OSD)

Multi-lingual support on screen menu (OSD)

Many channel handling options:

Power on with last viewed channel

Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF) by connecting to digital amplifier

User friendly remote control

Power saving functions: automatic standby and Deep Sleep

Support of active antenna by 5 V output

Strong SRT 8506 Data Sheet


Strong SRT 8506 User Manual


Strong SRT 8506 Software

Ver_1.0.2 16-12-2016

The preferred ORF2 HD regional program can now be selected after completion of the search

The font for teletext has been modified to improve readability
The function of the timer has been improved and timer entries can now be changed via the EPG
The popup message over booked timers will now be automatically dimmed after a few skeletons. This solves the problem that the message has been recorded with programmed recordings via SCART.
If the EPG is displayed longer, the information in the timeline is automatically updated
A user message has been added indicating that NTFS formatted USB storage devices are not supported for software updates.
The selected channel list remains stored after switching the mode by means of the TV / R button.
In the case of a program selection via the number keys and subsequent program change with CH + / CH- key, the correct program is now switched

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