Atemio AM 6000 HD Satellite Receiver Software


Atemio AM 6000 HD

Full HD Receiver with open-source Linux operating system E2 and new powerful BCM7362 Processor

Atemio AM 6000 HD Satellite Receiver Software

Atemio AM 6000 HD Satellite Receiver Software


The HD 6000 Atemio AM decoder is a Full HD satellite receiver with open source Linux operating system E2 and powerful new BCM7362 dual processor thread. Table convinced by the memory of 512 MB Flash, fast zapping and high image quality. AM 6000 HD offers the best quality and features at a fair price. Enables reception of digital satellite programs in the best picture in SD and HD. E2 The Linux open source operating system offers the general adaptability of different UI skins install various plugins and settings that can be easily installed by the large flash memory.


Open source operating system Linux E2
Powerful processor BCM7362 Dual wire with 2 x 751MHz (2000DMIPS)
Memory 512MB NAND Flash
Memory 512 MB of RAM DDR3
3D-ready HDTV 1080p (Full HD)
Fanless and compact for mobile use
7-segment display 4 digits
Pay TV support
1x smartcard reader (Conax7)
Compatible network drive (NAS) *
Integrated media player that supports many formats of advertising
Wide range of plugins available for download
Program guide 14 days (EPG) *
Play multimedia files from USB and network storage (NAS)
Many options to customize the system to your needs
A full-color 3D capability and a menu of high resolution and OSD
Unlimited number of channels (TV and Radio) programmable
Supports teletext and subtitles
Supports optional channels
Supports Bluetooth USB
Supports Wi-Fi via USB
Blind Scan function
IPTV ready (as a client)
IP streaming
Several installable E2 images
Web Browser
Web Server: the control of the receiver and AV files and streaming live TV on your PC or notebook
Application: the receiver, check AV files and streaming TV Live to Android and iOS diveces as Smartphones und Tablets
Programmable universal remote
Less than 1 watt power consumption in deep standby mode

Atemio AM 6000 HD Remote control Programming Instructions


Atemio AM 6000 HD Boot Loader

05-01-2015 zip

USB problem with 2.5 “hard drives fixed!

28-11-2014 zip

Current boot loader for the AM 6000 HD!

atemio4you Ver_2.3 factory 05-03-2015_usb

News Factory Image!

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