Atemio AM 6200 HD Receiver Software, Boatloader, Tools


Atemio AM 6200 HD

Full HD Receiver with open-source Linux operating system E2 and new powerful BCM7362 Processor
Atemio AM 6200 HD Twin Receiver Software


The HD 6200 Atemio AM decoder is a full HD receiver with open source Linux operating system E2 and powerful new BCM7362 dual processor thread. Table convinced by the memory of 512 MB Flash, fast zapping and high image quality. AM 6200 HD offers the best quality and features at a fair price. Enables reception of digital satellite programs in the best picture in SD and HD. E2 The Linux open source operating system offers the general adaptability of different UI skins install various plugins and settings that can be easily installed by the large flash memory.


Open source operating system Linux E2
Powerful processor BCM7362 Dual wire with 2 x 751MHz (2000DMIPS)
Memory 512MB NAND Flash
Memory 512 MB of RAM DDR3
3D-ready HDTV 1080p (Full HD)
Fanless and compact for mobile use
Alphanumeric VFD
TWIN version with 2x DVB-S2 tuner
Pay TV support
2x smartcardreader (Conax7)
Common Interface 1x
Compatible network drive (NAS) *
Integrated media player that supports many formats of advertising
Wide range of plugins available for download
Program guide 14 days (EPG) *
Play multimedia files from USB and network storage (NAS)
Many options to customize the system to your needs
A full-color 3D capability and a menu of high resolution and OSD
Unlimited number of channels (TV and Radio) programmable
Supports teletext and subtitles
Supports optional channels
Supports Bluetooth USB
Supports Wi-Fi via USB
Blind Scan function
IPTV ready (as a client)
IP streaming
Several installable E2 images
Web Browser
Web Server: the control of the receiver and AV files and streaming live TV on your PC or notebook
Application: the receiver, check AV files and streaming TV Live to Android and iOS diveces as Smartphones und Tablets
Programmable universal remote
Less than 1 watt power consumption in deep standby mode

Atemio AM 6200 HD Boatloader

Insertion of reference images at UPGRADE via USB directly on the TV support

Atemio bootloader 6200 HD 4.0-201509011248
The boot loader has to be installed twice!

Atemio bootloader 6200 HD 05-01-2015
USB problem with 2.5 “hard disks fixed!


Atemio bootloader 6200 HD 01-12-2014
Current bootloader for the AM 6200 HD!

Atemio AM 6200 HD E2 Firmware

Atemio AM 6200 HD v_3.1 Factory Image 07-12-2015


Atemio AM 6200 HD v_3.0 Factory Image 03-06-2015

Atemio AM 6200 HD v_3.0 Factory Image 19-05-2015
Problems with video mode fixed 24/25/30 1080
Fixed problems with Hybrid C / T2 tuner 109A
Atemio AM 6200 HD v_3.0 Factory Image 08-05-2015
Update GStreamer on v1.4.5
OpenEmbedded core update
Bitbake Update from v1.23 to v1.27
Pyhton Update from v2.7.3 to Verson v2.7.9
gcc Compilier Update from v4.9.1 to v4.9.2
gclib update from v2.20 to v2.21
Busybox Update from v1.22.1 to v1.23.1
Security Updates and lib / tools updates
new bootlogo
new user interface
new menu printing
Installation wizard improved
List of Works Astra 19,2; Hotbird 13.0 and KabelBW (can be installed directly via the installation wizard)

Atemio AM 6200 HD TitanNit Firmware

ATEMIO AM 6200 HD TitanNit Firmware M37563 v_1.73
Fixed problem with samba
Fixed issue with YouTube
Fixed problems with the Tithek

ATEMIO AM 6200 HD TitanNit Firmware M36418 v_1.70
Problem with release AM6000 / 6100 HD fixed
Problem with transponder production corrected
Problem with transmitter cable (cable) fixed
Update of all satellite stations lists incl. The new Sky frequencies.
Madiatheken updated and fixed problems (Filmon, youtube, Live Online TV, Giga …)
Problem with oled display skin fixed [NEMESIS]
Kraven HD Skin updated
Problem with minidlna fixed
Fixed problem with factory setting
Fixed problem with backup on sh4 receivers
WLAN support for atheros chipset
Problem with VFD display AM 6200 Hd fixed
Update ip-cam plugin, add alternate webif final typ3
Local parser support: sh Scripts for creating your own media library
ATEMIO AM 6200 HD TitanNit Firmware M35866 v_1.69
update settings and picons
Fixed problem with samba
Problem with timer fixed
Fixed problem with EPG
IP Camera Plugin
Kraven HD Skin updated
Kraven HD Plugin for the customization of the skin
OLED Skins available for NEMESIS
openvpn autostart added
Virtual keyboard improved and added special characters
Fixed problem with youtube
Updated mediathems and solved several problems
ATEMIO AM 6200 HD TitanNit Firmware M34804 v_1.67
Update matze70 new design settings Astra19_2 THX matze70
Update matze70 Settings Astra19_2 THX matze70
Update Settings Bulldog Sat 13.0, 19.2 and 28.2 only
Update Settings Bulldog Sat 13.0 and 19.2 only
Update Settings Bulldog Sat 19.2 only
Update Settings Andy 2x Sat and KabelGermany
Update transponder list
Fixed problem with Inforbar
Fixed problem with umlauts
The following mediatheques were added:
Vox now
Problem with Beeg, ARD and ZDF Mediathek fixed
New Skin KravenHD (tobayer Titan Edition) available as TPK download
Fixed problem with NEMESIS / AM6x00HD / AM5200HD recording on other devices
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