Atemio Nemesis Full HD 1080p Triple Linux Receiver Software


 Atemio Nemesis

Full HD Receiver with BCM7424 1300MHz Dual Core Prozessor, GigaBit LAN, Wifi integrated, 2 GB Flash and Dualbootsystem TitanNit and E2

Atemio Nemesis Full HD 1080p Triple Linux Receiver Software


Atemio Nemesis multimedia box set repeat for digital reception of television and radio HD leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Combines modern design with the latest technology for the perfect home entertainment experience.
This powerful dual-core decoder (2x 1300 MHz) works very quickly. The two factory-installed operating systems E2 and TitanNit as a dual boot system offer an impressive array of innovative plug-ins that can be downloaded for free.
Other highlights include two smartcard readers, two CI slots, three tuner slots (Plug & Play), the large OLED display, Gigabit LAN and WLAN interface, input and output HDMI and 3 USB ports.
Connect your mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones Box Nemesis and enjoy high definition thanks to the transcoding function on all mobile devices. In addition, the integrated Gigabit wireless LAN interface, and easily connectable to the LAN / WLAN. The two sources of Common Interface (CI) chairs and two integrated smart card reader Conax access to encrypted television payment.
The integrated media player and easy connection of external devices (hard disk, USB flash drive, NAS), you can view and play MP3, photos, videos and files.


E2 Linux operating system and TitanNit (dual boot)
Quick Boot
Fast channel switching
Timeshifting, recording and playback with the built-in hard drive (SATA) / external storage (NAS, e-SATA or USB 2.0)
Various menu interfaces (skins), including customization options
Many options to customize the system to your needs
Restore Backup function /
Clear Channel favorites list and the next program to display
Management Plugin
Support many media formats
Wide selection of plugins
PC programs to convert and change the channel list
Screen Saver Mode radio
Remote control buttons can be freely assigned
Online update firmware
Web Interface: Navigation and transmission of AV data (including live TV) on PC and notebook
Application: control of information and the transfer of AV (including live TV) on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
Blind Scan
IPTV finished (as client and server)
IP Streaming
Several E2 Images installable
Unlimited channel lists for TV / Radio
List bracket Bouquet
EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support
Transcoding for Mobile Devices *
Airplay function *
and much more ..

Atemio Nemesis Documentation

Atemio Nemesis Usermanual For TitanNit firmware

Remote control Programming Instructions


Atemio Nemesis Boot Loader Download


Atemio Nemesis Dualboot TitanNit / E2 Firmware

ATEMIO NEMESIS E2&TitanNit Firmware M32387 v1.59

ATEMIO NEMESIS E2&TitanNit Firmware M32009 v1.57


Atemio Nemesis E2 Firmware

atemio4you Ver_2.3.5-atemionemesis_usb 23-12-2014

New stable version (instantly every 4 weeks)
Updated driver models AM 5200 / 6×00 and NEMESIS
Feed amended (Divided into stable and nightly)

Changed [Flash Online] URL


atemio4you Ver_2.3.3-atemionemesis_usb 29-10-2104

Fixed [Nemesis] problem with smart card reader
[Nemesis] Fixed problem with fan (bleeping)
Update the user interface
Update the downloadable user interface
All languages except English may be removed
New megaHD by mark available as a plugin download
Added plugin MyTubePlayer
Fixed problem with backup / restore installed plugins
Fixed issue with Backup / Restore from Image
Menu languages it, nl, de updated
Added Loading xx% Oled display in the display when booting the box
Cable (DVB-C) transponder list aktualisert
fix GS When coming from DVB-T / C and place changed to DVB-S
Fixed problem with unicable
Fixed problem with DiSEqC 1.2
Fixed issue with WPA and WPA2

News Factory Image! All settings will be overwritten during the installation!

Bootloader v3.45 from 09.29.2014 has to be installed !!!

atemio4you Ver_2.3.1-atemionemesis_usb 29-09-2014

New driver
Multi transcoding
Bluetooth Support
Update openweb interface with support
Now with Auto Timer Support
Now with bouquet Editor Support
Update a4y skin revised with several screens
and much more.


News Factory Image! All settings will be overwritten during the installation!

ATEMIO NEMESIS TitanNit Firmware

ATEMIO NEMESIS TitanNit Firmware M34023

Added skin mod maenne79
nmbd start fixed
Fixed HDD formatting
samba server and client-fixed
iocharset = utf8 cifs added for sh4 and mipsel (for sh4 boxes this option was removed)
fixed symlinks
Text correction image info
Updated tuner driver for 109A Hybrid Tuner


This version is v3.46 only with the bootloader version or less compatible. It may not be installed the bootloader v3.47 !!!

ATEMIO NEMESIS TitanNit Firmware M33427 v1.62 Zip


ATEMIO NEMESIS TitanNit Firmware M31829 v1.56 Zip

Pure TitanNit Image not E2!

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